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Plate feeder is generally divided into heavy, medium and light three models. Apron feeder is commonly used in concentrator feeding equipment. Plate feeder is a continuous transportation machinery widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, coal and chemical industry. Mainly used as a storage silo or transfer hopper to the crusher, batching device or transport equipment to continuously supply and transport a variety of large pieces of heavy objects and abrasive materials used. Is one of the important and indispensable equipment for ore and raw material handling and continuous production.

Working Principle
Plate feeder uses a high-strength bulldozer forging chain with a pitch of 228.6mm (9 "), and the two chains pass around a pair of pairs of tractors that are mounted on the head of the machine and the tail of the body into a closed loop. Each of the chains of the two rows of chains is fitted with overlapping, heavy-duty conveying grooves to form a continuous transport line capable of carrying the material. Its weight and the weight of the material by the installation of the body on the multi-row row of rollers, chain wheel and chute beam support. Transmission system by the exchange frequency control motor connected reducer, and then by the rising sets and drive device direct drive carrier low-speed operation. The material discharged from the tail silo is transported along the conveying line to the front of the machine body to achieve the purpose of continuous feeding of the working machine downward.